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moving in brilliant timing
Halloween - Let's be honest.  This movie isn't scary unless you're under 15.  From a pure movie making standpoint, however, awesomely done.
Man on Wire - Half of the time you're thinking 'this guy is fucking insane.'  The other half you're thinking 'this guy is a total douche.'
City of Men - City of God was better.
Zack and Miri Make A Porno - Much funnier than I expected.  Kevin Smith still can't wrap up third acts for shit though.
Life of Brian - I have fonder memories of "The Holy Grail," but I prefer to actually watch this one.
Role Models - Absolutely underrated.  It's hard to tell if the actors themselves even give a shit about what's going on or if they're just immersed into their characters.  Good stuff.
What Women Want - Showed up on TBS, so I watched it again.  Breathtaking in how sexist it is, and I hate feminism.
Synecdoche, New York - A beautiful, glorious, heartbreaking mess.  Stuck with me for days.
I Love You, Man - One of the best guy movies of all time, probably the best Paul Rudd performance he'll ever do.  Pretty funny, too.
The Haunting in Connecticut - *snore*  Visuals are sorta okay though.
Vicki Christina Barcelona - Fast forwarded through the film, making up dialogue as it sped past.  Still pissed off at how long we spent on it.
Belle Du Jour - Probably shocking when it came out, but milquetoast now. 
Il Conformista - A visual technique wet dream, but couldn't finish it.  ILLL CON FOUR MEEEE STAAA still gets belted out at the house every now and then.  
Dr. Strangelove - Oh, Kubrick.  Such a funny motherfucker.  There's a reason it constantly shows up on best ever lists.
Big Fish - Masochism of a high order.  I'll probably actually cry at it after my dad dies.  Fun fact:  Spalding Gray decided to kill himself by jumping off a bridge after seeing it with his kids.
Mean Girls - I can't tell if Tina Fey is funny because she's funny or just because no one else is working in her arena.
The Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Rings - Part one of seeing the extended trilogy straight through. 
Two Towers - Part two.
Animal Factory - Needed a break from LOTR.  This frighteningly realistic depiction of prison did it.
Return of the King - Part three.  The extended material is actually good, fleshes stuff out, doesn't feel like bloat.  Oddly enough, after watching the triology I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore.
The Brothers Bloom - Fun, quirky, but I would have taken it in a different direction.  Wasted characters for the sake of whimsy annoys me.
Star Wars - Seriously Sam?  You don't remember who any of these people are?  You don't know Boba Fett?
Empire Strikes Back - Yeah, the first one is kinda weak, but this one is the best of the original trilogy.  I think Part 3 is best overall.
Return of the Jedi - Wait, what?  You think this is the best one?  WTF?!
Les Diaboliques - Mmmmm.  Nice.  So nice.  I will never, ever see the remake, and I feel bad for anyone who did.
Return of the Living Dead - Eh, so solid I don't have any opinion.
Strangers With Candy - I didn't realize there was a movie before the TV show.  Painfully funny at times, just painful at others.  Hard to watch Stephen Colbert do something other than the Colbert Report anymore as it creates a conflict in my mind.
Elegy - *snore* Huh?  It's still on?  Why are the characters doing that?  Who cares?  *snore*
The Hangover - Sure, it's funny, but I doubt it has staying power.
The Seventh Seal - Hey, why not watch Bergman on a Friday night?  Black and white and subtitled with a young Max von Sydow has gotta be better than leaving the house.
Imprint - If it wasn't 63 minutes, I never would have finished it.  So, so, SO bad.
Public Enemies - Mmmm, Michael Mann.  Love it.  Sidenote:  Christian Bale is dead to me.
Bull Durham - So funny and well written that I love it and I'm not even a baseball fan.
The Insider - Mmmm, Michael Mann.  Love it.  Sidenote:  Nice to see Russell Crowe before he went batshit.

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So I'm listening to the new Depeche Mode single from their upcoming album, and man, I just don't know. I really want to like it, but after about the 241st time of hearing the word "wrong" sang with emphasis regardless of the words around it, I'm worried. I'm worried that this is their first single, supposedly meaning it's the strongest song on the album. I'm worried that Gahan's solo album has not been properly washed off of him. I'll still see them in concert, since they know their fans enough to always do career spanning sets, but I sincerely hope that "Wrong" is just the misguided direction from their label. I've already lost the Cure - I'd hate to have to give up on DM too.

(Oh, and it doesn't help that I started flashing back to the Dana Carvey as McLaughlin on SNL)

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February 28th can't get here quickly enough.

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I'll come back and brush this up later when I'm in the mood, but at this point I'm tired of the list taking up space on my Sidenote.  There's some movies from 2008, and then some from 2009.  I'm clearly nowhere near the high water mark of 2007, but then again, 2007 was not exactly a productive year for me.

Amadeus - The running time is scary, but it's always worth it.
Sex Drive - Pointless fun.
Bigger, Stronger, Faster - One of the few documentaries that I still roll over in my head.  I'll rent it again, I'm sure.
The Nightmare Before Christmas - Finally got around to seeing it.  The Blu-Ray was almost too sharp.
Beyond Batman:  Return of the Joker - Surprisingly dark for an animated flick.  I have a small quibble with the story line, but way more inventive than most of the Batman films.
Milk - I kept waiting for there to be some emotion in the film, but the film was so busy making sure I knew when and what to feel that I didn't feel anything.
71 Fragments From A Chronology of Chance - Didn't feel much when I watched it, but it haunted me for days.
The Sentinel - If you tell yourself that it's just a movie, it doesn't need to have any basis in reality, you may enjoy it.  May.
Cool Hand Luke - Jesus what a great film.  Just awesome.

Bringing Up Baby - A classic, with all the hallmarks of classics from the 40s.
Wall-E - Pretty sweet.
Tropic Thunder - I haven't laughed out loud like this since There's Something About Mary.  See it now.
Men in Black - Eh, it kinda holds up.  Hard to not see Tommy Lee Jones as an insufferable prick.
Twister - I had never seen this movie before.  I never need to see it again.
Bride Wars - See Twister.
The Girl Next Door - Part 2 of a torture porn movie night.  If you're ever a 13 year old girl getting tortured and raped by your psychotic aunt's family, make sure you befriend someone other than a spineless little pussy of an 11 year old neighbor boy.  Just sayin'.
Hostel - I thought that when I watched it when it came out I didn't give it enough credit.  So I rewatched it.  I was right the first time.
Coraline - The creepiness from the book is dialed down a bit so the little kids don't freak out, but it's still a bit creepy and incredibly well done. 

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I'm not even sure what to make of this. Part of me thinks it's hilarious, the other part is just confused. Definitely not kid friendly, so lock the doors and put away the butter knives.

Oh, those crazy kids over at Westboro Baptist!

I've been told that I'm difficult to shop for in the past, and while I still disagree, I would like to suggest the following:

Granted, the skulls are a bit much but they probably had to do that to avoid a lawsuit from Marvel.  Also consider the Sword of Snake Eyes and/or Storm Shadow under G.I. Joe Swords.

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In light of Pooky's recent post, I present the following. It certainly seems like something he'll enjoy.

Every now and then the Simpsons still remind the population why anyone watched in the first place.
And I just now catch up. So this is what the kids are into these days?

Apparently the semen cookbook post provided some people laughs and made Kendra decide to never eat at my house again.  I'm a little hurt, but I understand.

I won't use the semen cookbook for the next group dinner.  I'll use this one instead.

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For all the aspiring cooks out there:

Don't skip the comment section either.
So I got Sam a Muppet of herself for Christmas, but she managed to spoil the surprise by digging around the FAO Schwarz website, so I gave it to her last night.  When she got home today we had a frightening realization:

She just needs some bad self-tanner and it's a perfect match.
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It was nearly nine months ago that I posted a review of a film that I had wanted to see for a while that finally popped up in the queue.  It somehow managed to live up to the hype and still exceed my expectations.  The film was "Oldboy," a Korean pic that I wrote of at the time:

12.  Oldboy (2003):  Please, please Hollywood, don't remake this.  You'll have to pussy it up so much to get it through the studios and then fuck up the storyline and it'll just be a pale, pale imitation.  I mean, shit, look at what you did with Insomnia.

Look, I know that God's a busy guy, so it takes him a while to get through to reading my LJ posts, omnipotence and omnipresence notwithstanding.  But man, this guy's got a wicked sense of humor.

Fucking Spielberg?  Really?!  What, was JJ Abrams too busy taking a steaming pile of shit on something else?

Oh.  I see.

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Look, John Woo, Kevin Smith, and Wes Anderson have been picked on before. But they're all incredibly successful, so they can be picked on again.

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There's some astute saying that I can't remember right now about how things go from being fringe to mainstream, or lunacy to genius, or some sort of dramatic transformation.

I'm not sure where this fits in to all of that, but I don't think it bodes well.

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In the midst of trying to make filet mignon out of spam, I find that I need steady supply of short breaks to keep the juices flowing correctly.  In line with that, I've found this game.  Oh, sure, it doesn't have much replay value now that I've beaten it, but it was good for a few minutes break.

And yes, there are 15 levels. 

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Since when did PSAs get all bitchy?

The sad thing? The ad is totally gay.

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72.  Tropic Thunder (2008):  The first movie to make me laugh out loud in a long time.  Incredibly funny.

73.  Pineapple Express (2008):  It was a mistake for me, a nonstoner, to go see a stoner comedy.  Maybe if I was high I wouldn't have been aware of just how long it is.

74.  Mr. Brooks (2007):  I was happy with the ending, almost.

75.  Ghost World (2001):  A lot better than I remembered.  What the fuck happened to Thora Birch?

76.  Michael Clayton (2007):  Wow.  Love the twist.

77.  Lake of Fire (2006):  Unsatisfying, but really, how could a balanced documentary about abortion leave you any other way?

78.  2001 (1968):  Fucking Christ it's good.

79.  What Happens in Vegas (2008):  Predictable but funnier than expected.

80.  Solaris (2002):  Stayed with me for a couple of days.  Metered, but solid.

81.  Two Days In Paris (2007):  Shut. The. Fuck. Up.  Just stop talking.  Please.

82.  Walk Hard (2007):  The Beatles scene is worth the price of admission.

83.  Touch of Evil (1958):
  Oddly not as evil as I expected.  Charlton Heston is completely unbelievable as a Mexican national, but then again he doesn't even try.

84.  Burn After Reading (2008):  A nice piece of dada film.

85.  American Gangster (2007):  Eh, it was great.  Hit all the right notes to be an epic.  But I'm tired of Denzel's schtick.

86.  Highlander (1986):  Queen did the soundtrack.  How can it not be awesome? Also:  "Sean Connery is kind of ridiculous isn't this film, isn't he."  "Sam, this whole film is kind of ridiculous."

87.  Top Gun (1986):  Classic.  And so bad.

88.  Double Indemnity (1944):  A hard boiled film.

89.  Eyes Wide Shut (1999):  Not Kubrick's best, but it's up there.

90.  The Sting (1973):  Newman and Redford.  What else can I say?

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